TELEGARTNER BNC 3G HD Male cable, crimp, 75 ohm, group J

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These high-performance, 75 ohm types, from a leading German manufacturer, have been developed specifically for applications up to 3G HD. They have extremely low return loss, and are rated to 1000 mating cycles.

The impedance-matched, gold-plated crimp centre-pin ‘clicks’ home into a PTFE insulator in a nickel-plated body with crimp outer sleeve (“ferrule”). They exceed the requirements of SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 424M with return loss of typically 36dB at 1GHz, 31dB at 2GHz and 29dB at 3GHz.

Canford offers several ranges of BNC connectors of a less stringent specification, including 50 ohm types suitable for RF purposes; they are described separately and designated ‘BNC’, rather than ‘BNC HD’, elsewhere in this section.

Single connectors are supplied individually bagged. Bulk packs of 100 connectors are supplied in plastic compartment trays.

Optional accessories: Coloured strain reliefs are recommended for crimp types of certain sizes, see Index BNC strain relief bushes. Canford does not offer strain relief bushes for Group Z cables due to the large diameter and rigidity of these cable types. Suitable crimp tools and dies are also offered: see Index crimp tools.

Crimp dies must be the correct type for the connector and cable size. Due to the precise dimensions of the centre pins required to achieve superior performance at HD bit-rates, crimp-dies used for standard BNCs are NOT suitable for TG BNC 3G HD connectors. Please refer to the ‘Crimp Die Selection Chart’.

For an explanation of the terminology used in this entry and the advantages of crimping and solder termination, as well as advice in termination procedure and choice of connectors and tooling to suit specific cables, please see BNC Connectors – Terminology And Termination, ‘Crimp Die Selection Chart’ and ‘Co-axial Connectors Selection Guidance’ close to this entry in the catalogue as well as in the Tech Zone at