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Product Descriptions


Designation denotes configuration of adapter contacts. All adapters are supplied pre-wired. 49-219 has “phase reverse” legend engraved in red. Adapters wired for MIDI are engraved “MIDI” at the DIN connector end. 49-229 allows 3 pole B gauge plugs to operate into 3 pole A gauge sockets. 49-230 operates vice-versa. 49-200 is XLR male/female unwired, for user’s specially wired applications.

Wiring conventions:
  • XLR pin 2 to jack tip/DIN Pin 1/MIDI DIN Pin 4/BNC centre/phono tip.
  • XLR pin 3 to jack ring/DIN Pin 3/MIDI DIN Pin 5/BNC shell/phono shell.
  • XLR pin 1 to jack sleeve/DIN Pin 2/MIDI DIN Pin 2/BNC shell/phono shell.

Neutrik Speakon connector to XLR adapters are supplied 1+ to pin 2, 1- to pin 1. Neutrik Speakon connector to 2 pole 6.35mm A-gauge jack are wired 1 + to tip, 1- to sleeve.

Terminology used in adapter descriptions:
3FX – 3 pin female XLR
3MX – 3 pin male XLR
2P – 2 pole 6.35mm jack plug
3P – 3 pole 6.35mm A-gauge jack plug
3PB – 3 pole 6.35mm B-gauge jack plug
3J – 3 pole 6.35mm jack socket (accepts both A and B gauge plugs)
3TT – 3 pole 4.4mm Bantam type jack plug
2JA – 2 pole 6.35mm jack socket (accepts A gauge plugs only)
3JA – 3 pole 6.35mm jack socket (accepts A gauge plugs only)
PHM – Phono (RCA) male
PHF – Phono (RCA) female
MDM – Preh DIN 5 pin male (as plug 43-551) wired for MIDI
BNCF – BNC socket
BNCM – BNC plug
NLF – Neutrik loudspeaker connector plug (as NL4FC 43-041)
NLM – Neutrik loudspeaker connector socket (as NL4MP 43-042)
3MJS – 3 pole mini jack (3.5mm) socket
3MJP – 3 pole mini jack (3.5mm) plug