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Solder contact D-sub connectors, available in 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50 pin versions. Plug shells are tinned and dimpled. Stamped contact design, gold over nickel plate, rated 5A per contact.

Crimp contact types available in 9, 15 and 25 pin versions. Crimp contacts are gold plated, and supplied in strips of 100. Connector bodies are supplied without contacts, order contacts separately as required.

Covers all have thumbscrew type latches, and are available in seven versions – plastic single entry, plastic triple entry, metallised plastic, metal, metal deluxe, metal double clamp and metal low profile. All thumbscrews have UNC4-40 threads.

Plastic single entry types have straight cable exit. Plastic triple entry types have apertures at the straight position, plus top and bottom. On the 9 pin and 15 pin sizes, these are at 90 degrees to the main exit, on the 25 pin type these are at 45 degrees to the main exit. Two hole blanking plugs are supplied to close off the unused apertures. Metallised plastic type have straight cable exit.

Deluxe metal types are supplied with a set of 4 cable glands, accommodating cables from 3.5-13mm, plus a spring contact to permit cable screen continuity to connector shell, suitable for both foil and braid screened cables. Attenuation better than 40dB 30MHz-1GHz. Available with straight or 45┬░ cable entry, nickel plated.

Double clamp metal types have dual, saddle-type metal cable clamps, for extra secure cable retention. The clamp bars are shaped so that they can be used in two positions, to accept the widest variety of cable diameters.

“Low profile” covers are diecast metal, with one side being a cover plate. These offer the minimum connector depth and have a cable exit at the end. 9-pin type is supplied with a set of 4 cable glands, maximum cable diameter 8mm. 25-pin type has a friction clamp and accepts cables up to 11.5mm diameter.

Nickel plated screwlock assemblies are also available, suitable for all types. They have UNC4-40 female threads to mate with the thumbscrew and male panel fixing threads 8mm long. Each screwlock supplied complete with two washers and nut. Hex socket spacers can be used to join two male jack screws, UNC4-40 thread, supplied in packs of 10.

Some Japanese manufacturers use an M2.6 thread rather than the more normal UNC4-40. M2.6 thumbscrews are available, which can be used to replace the UNC4-40 ones supplied with covers as standard.