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The S4.16 UHF range may be switched between sixteen frequencies. In the case of the channel 38 versions, up to eight systems may be used simultaneously and up to twelve may be used with the channel 69/70 models, four of which may be used license-free in the UK on channel 70. Systems are available with belt-pack or handheld transmitters. Belt packs can be switched for use with a microphone or musical instrument, and are available with lapel or head-worn microphones. Handheld transmitters are available with dynamic or condenser capsules. Multiple systems are also available, racked and ready for use, comprising four, eight or twelve receivers mounted in a flight case, with the necessary leads and accessories and either belt pack or handheld transmitters.

The UK channel 70 frequencies used are 863.150, 863.725, 864.150, 864.850 MHz; UK channel 69 frequencies are 854.900, 855.900, 856.575, 857.950, 859.500, 860.400, 860.900, 861.750 MHz. The channel 38 models are programmed in three ‘sets’ of frequencies, one of which should be used at a single location: 606.600, 607.500, 608.150, 609.150, 610.550, 611.250, 613.150MHz are used in the ‘Entertainment’ set. The ‘Community’ set uses 607.825, 608.825, 610.250, 610.900 MHz. The ‘Broadcast’ set uses 606.950, 608.500, 609.500, 611.600 MHz. All the frequencies in any one set may be used simultaneously, so up to eight may be used at a single location. Note that the three sets are chosen to be ‘stand alone’ sets, they are not compatible with each other and should not be used together on one site. Use of channel 69 and 38 frequencies require a licence. In addition the availability of these frequencies varies with location. Please seeĀ UK Legal Radio Mic Frequency Guide.