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Product Descriptions

Solid conductor 1 and 2-core jumper wires specifically for use with Krone and other IDC systems.

CW1423 type

These have a hardened grade of PVC for their outer insulation, specifically designed for use in larger wiring frames, where the wires may be subject to more mechanical stress, and where a harder jacket is desirable to reduce the risk of chafing. All versions conform to BT CW1423 specification (which directly supercedes CW1257, which specified the now obsolete “irradiated cross-linked PVC”).

Technical Specification:
Conductors: 1/0.5mm (0.2mm sq.) tinned copper wire
Insulation: OD 1.0mm, various colours
Lay-up: Cores twisted together (2-core types)
Reel length: 200 metres (sold as full 200 metre reels only)