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ISO-TECH GFG-8216A Combined 150MHz Frequency Counter and 3MHz Function Generator

ISO-TECH GFG-8216A is a stable, low-distortion instrument which generates signals in the frequency range up to 3MHz. Its features include logarithmic and linear sweep capabilities together with a built-in frequency counter. The sweep function simplifies finding resonant points of speakers, filter networks and other networks/structures (an oscilloscope can be connected for response display). The counter can be switched to measure and display the frequency of an external signal up to 150MHz. ISO-TECH GFG-8216A applications include audio response testing, vibration testing, servo system evaluation and ultrasound.

6 Digit LED read out generator frequency
Duty cycle control
External voltage controlled frequency
Variable d.c. offset
Built in 6 digit frequency counter with 150MHz range (external input)

Stock No GFG-8216A
Time Base Accuracy ±20ppm after 30minutes warm up
Frequency Range 0.3Hz to 3MHz
Amplitude >10Vpp (into 50Ω load)
Impedance 50Ω ±10%
Attenuator -20dB ±1dB (x2)
d.c. Offset
Duty Cycle 80%:20%:80% to 1MHz continuously variable
Sine Wave
Distortion ≤1%,0.3Hz,200kHz
Flatness 0.3dB,0.3Hz 300kHz 0.5dB ,300kHz
Triangle Wave
Linearity 98% 0.3Hz 100kHz, ≥95% 100kHz, 100kHz 3MHz
Symmetry 2% 0.3Hz to 100kHz
Rise/Fall Time (into 50Ω load) ≤100ns at max. output (into 50Ω load)
CMOS Output
Level 4Vpp±1Vpp to 14.5Vpp± 0.5Vpp adj.
TTI Output
Level ≥3Vpp
Sweep Operation
Sweep Rate 100:1 max (0.5 to 30s)
Frequency Counter
Range 0.3Hz to 3MHz (5Hz 150MHz EXT.)
Accuracy Timebase ±1count
Time Base Accuracy ±20ppm after 30minutes warm up
Resolution 10nHz for 1Hz; 0.1Hz for 100MHz
Input Impedance 1MΩ/pF
Power Source 115V/230V ±15% 50/60Hz
Resolution 100nHz for 1Hz; 1Hz for 100MHz
Input Impedance 1MΩ/150pF
Power Source 115V/230V ±15% 50/60Hz

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ISO-TECH Combined Counter / Generator