HOOK TAPE 50mm (reel of 25m)

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Product Descriptions


Hook and Loop is a high quality economical self-gripping fastener, comprising two tapes with self-adhesive backings which connect with each other firmly on contact. Easily pulled apart when necessary, the tape has been independently tested to open and close in excess of 30,000 times under normal usage, making it more secure and longer-lasting than similar tapes.

100% nylon for durable life, and conforming to BS7271, tapes can be cut to any length as required. They are supplied with a self-adhesive back coating, protected by peel-off backing paper. Where one item is more flexible than the other, it is recommended to use the hook tape on the less flexible surface. For heavy duty applications, it is recommended to use staples at the ends of tape pieces to aid retention.

Tapes are available in two widths, colour black, on reels of 25 metres or coils of 5 metres. Hook tapes and loop tapes are sold separately, and should be ordered as required.