COAXIAL CABLE STRIPPER Cutter head for group Y cables using Telegartner HDTV BNC

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A handheld, battery or mains powered, coaxial cable stripper, designed to strip cable to pre-determined lengths in about 4 seconds. The cable is inserted into the end of the tool, the tool activated, and all elements of the cable – jacket, braid and dielectric – are stripped simultaneously.

Cutter heads are interchangeable by rotating the end cap a quarter turn. Heads come pre-set for the main Canford cable groups to suit BNC connectors, but the blade cut depth can be adjusted by the user. To special order, cutter heads can be supplied for any coaxial/triaxial cable up to 10.8mm diameter. Spare blade set cartridges are available.

The NiCd battery pack gives around 250 – 350 strips per charge, re-charges in around 6 hours. The unit is supplied with plug-in 230VAC charger plus 12VDC vehicle plug charging lead. Alternatively, the battery can be removed, and an AC power supply connected for continuous production operations.

The unit is available as a kit containing tool, NiCd battery, plug-in AC charger and DC charging cable, supplied in a plastic carrying case, with space for cutter heads. Cutter heads should be ordered separately, according to type required. Spare NiCd batteries, mains PSUs, cutter heads for other cable groups and spare blade sets are available separately.

Dimensions (NiCd battery fitted): 245 x 80 x 80mm. Weight: 1kg.

Cable group Cable types
J RG179, DT179
Q RG59, 1505A, 1505F
X SDV, 1855ENH
Y SDV-L, SDV-F, 1694A
Z SDV-HD, 7731A