CANFORD RACK PANEL BLANK, FULL WIDTH 1U Flat aluminium, dawn greyDawn Grey

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Product Descriptions

CANFORD RACKPANEL – Full rack width – Blank rack panels, 19 inch

Used to blank off unused sections of 19 inch racks to give a tidy appearance and maintain rack-cooling airflow, these panels are also suitable for mounting connectors, switches, indicators or other items where an enclosure is not required and a more elegant solution such as the Canford ‘Universal connection system’ – which simplifies mounting a variety of connectors and switches without the need to machine the panel – is not possible. Combinations of three material styles, eight heights and five finishes are offered to suit most applications and aesthetics.

Flat Aluminium

Machined from 10 gauge aluminium sheet with brushed and anodized, or painted finish. Sizes 1U up to 6U.

Extruded Aluminium

Machined from an aluminium extrusion which incorporates two flanges at the rear to offer rigidity. Due to their location along the very edge, the flanges offer the maximum possible area to mount large connectors, switches or similar hardware behind the panel. Sizes 1U, 2U and 3U with a brushed and anodized, or painted finish.


1.5mm steel blank panels offering improved electrical noise screening properties, available in sizes up to 12U. A 1/2 U height version may be used to fill gaps left when non-standard height equipment such as domestic hi-fi is rack-mounted. The small panels can also be used with fully punched racks to provide separation between equipment without using a full rackspace. Finished in three paint colours.