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Product Descriptions

MCS-LFH – MULTICORE SPEAKER CABLE Low Fire Hazard – 2.5mm sq. conductors

Two and four-core 2.5mm sq. cross section multicore cables for fixed installation loudspeaker wiring when Low Fire Hazard (‘LSOH’) designs are specified. Core pairs are colour-coded using the resistor colour code as there is no standard coding for loudspeaker cables (not mains colour codes) and printed for unambiguous phasing.

Technical Specifications:
Conductors: 50/0.25mm (2.5mm sq,)
Insulation: LFH material, radial thickness 0.6mm, OD 3.4mm, coloured and marked as above
Lay-up: 2 or 4 cores printed black and laid together
Outer jacket: LFH material, matt black
Overall diameter: MCS-LFH 2 9.8mm, MCS-LFH 4 11.5mm
Weight: MCS-LFH 2 14.5kg/100m, MCS-LFH 4 20.0kg/100m,
Reel lengths: 500m
Cut lengths: Available in any multiple of 1 metre
Weight: 4.9kg/100m
Reel length: 1000m
Cut lengths: Available in any multiple of 1 metre