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XLR Connector

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NEUTRIK XLR NA3FDM Feed-through panel

NEUTRIK XLR PANEL CONNECTOR FEED-THROUGH ADAPTERS These feed-through 3-pin XLR adapters are mounted on a ‘D’ series mounting flange. NA3FDM has female contacts at the front and male at the rear, overall length 57mm. NA3MDF is not a wooden version, but has the standard metal construction with male contacts at the front and female at the rear, overall … Continue reading "NEUTRIK XLR NA3FDM Feed-through panel adapter, female to male"

$ 10.00


Designation denotes configuration of adapter contacts. All adapters are supplied pre-wired. 49-219 has “phase reverse” legend engraved in red. Adapters wired for MIDI are engraved “MIDI” at the DIN connector end. 49-229 allows 3 pole B gauge plugs to operate into 3 pole A gauge sockets. 49-230 operates vice-versa. 49-200 is XLR male/female unwired, for user’s specially wired applications. Wiring conventions: XLR pin … Continue reading "ADAPTER 3MX-BNCF"

$ 17.00