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This sleeving consists of polyethylene terepthalate (PET) monofilaments braided in such a way as to allow the diameter to expand by a minimum of 60% either by compressing the sleeving or by the insertion of cable and/or components. It is principally useful for looming a number of different cables together, for example tape machine looms. Supplied cut to length as required and charged according to the total length of size ordered, but note that the maximum single piece length of any size is 100 metres. Length is measured at minimum diameter, note that expanding the diameter results in a reduction in length. Colour: Black.

Size Min bundle diam. (mm) Max bundle diam (mm) Stock coil length (m)
110 7 15 100
115 10 21 100
120 14 27 100
125 18 34 100
130 28 47 100
140 35 64 100
150 45 75 100

Note: Due to recent supplier changes, some of the dimensions have changed since the 2010 catalogue was published.


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